Stockholm workshop completed


Thank you very much all participants for engaging actively in transdisciplinary group activities on the Sustainable Develop Goals and making the ASIAQ workshop a successful meeting. Outcomes from the workshop are summarized on the “Activities” page.

The 43 registered participants represented the six partner universities, from four countries, and all ASIAQ-disciplines ranging from Arctic Engineering Sciences – AET, to Arctic Physical Sciences – APS, Arctic Medicine and Health – AMH, and Arctic Social Sciences –ASS.

As inspiration for outreach activities on Arctic isses the workshop participants visited the Nordic Museum in Stockholm where Håkan Joriksson from Gränna Museum gave a lecture on the SA Andree’s North Pole expedition in 1897. Also, Professor Lotten Gustafsson Reinius, Hallwylsk professor at Stockholm University, presented glimpses of the forthcoming exhibition at the Nordic Museum, planned to open for the public in 2019 and focusing on the theme of People in the Arctic.

After the workshop, the researchers from the University of Tokyo took the opportunity to pay a visit to the Swedish icebreaker Oden, preparing at present in the port of Helsingborg for the 2018 Arctic Ocean Expedition.




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