Travel -free workshop ASIAQ4 completed

The first travel-free ASIAQ workshop, #4 in the line of all ASIAQ workshops, was successfully held 12-13 november 2019.  The  agenda of the workshop, a list of participants, and a summary of the outcomes are accessible here: Invitation ASIAQ4_Agenda, ASIAQ4_Participants, Summary of ASIAQ4. Not surprisingly, screenshot from our video-conferencing setup in the local hubs (Stockholm University and the University of New Hampshire) but also including individual connectors replace the traditional workshop group photo. Thank you very much all participants for contributing to making ASIAQ4 a success!

Nina Kirchner, Annika Granebeck

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Travel-free workshop 12-13 November 2019, with local hubs at Stockholm University, University of New Hampshire, and Tokyo University

Welcome to ASIAQ4! We are opting for a travel free workshop since we have noticed that it is difficult for many of our colleagues to travel. We would like to explore this option with open minds and we hope that it will be a learning process for all of us. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Opportunities with a travel free workshop

  • More choice of speakers
  • Broader audience
  • Saves travel time and money
  • More time spent with research group and family
  • More accessible which leads to better equality
  • No travel -> no jetlag -> health benefit and overall safer!

Attendees can join

  • At the main physical hubs at  Stockholm University, University of Tokyo, and University of New Hampshire
  • From their own device (i.e. PC/laptop, phone or tablet) via link

Welcome to ASIAQ3

The maple sap is rising in New England! As spring arrives, the University of New Hampshire is thrilled to host the ASIAQ3 science workshop (8-11 April 2019). This event will deepen relationships among participating ASIAQ universities and will seek to identify a pan-Arctic initiative related to “Hydrologic Organization during the Thaw: Community, Landscape and Water Dynamics in the Changing Arctic Climate.” We will continue to explore the international collaborative experiences of ASIAQ in order to draft a White Paper on the challenges of working in integrated and trans-disciplinary ways.

This meeting will also serve as an excellent opportunity to connect ASIAQ with the regional New England Arctic Network (NEAN). A public outreach event titled “The Arctic is Melting! Is it Time to Panic?” will feature a panel discussion on how the scientific community, stakeholders, and the public can confront the challenges and opportunities of Arctic change. More information can be found here.

/ Kathrine Duderstadt, University of New Hampshire

Happy New Year 2019!

We are looking forward to a new year with exciting workshops and progress within ASIAQ!
The second workshop was held 29-30 October in Tokyo, hosted by Prof. Hideaki Murayama and his team and to whom we express our gratitude for excellent organisation of an inspiring workshop! Planning of the ASIAQ3 workshop is under way, and we are looking forward to meeting you again at the University of New Hamsphire, USA, 8-9 April 2019.
Nina Kirchner and Elisabet Idermark

Stockholm workshop completed


Thank you very much all participants for engaging actively in transdisciplinary group activities on the Sustainable Develop Goals and making the ASIAQ workshop a successful meeting. Outcomes from the workshop are summarized on the “Activities” page.

The 43 registered participants represented the six partner universities, from four countries, and all ASIAQ-disciplines ranging from Arctic Engineering Sciences – AET, to Arctic Physical Sciences – APS, Arctic Medicine and Health – AMH, and Arctic Social Sciences –ASS.

As inspiration for outreach activities on Arctic isses the workshop participants visited the Nordic Museum in Stockholm where Håkan Joriksson from Gränna Museum gave a lecture on the SA Andree’s North Pole expedition in 1897. Also, Professor Lotten Gustafsson Reinius, Hallwylsk professor at Stockholm University, presented glimpses of the forthcoming exhibition at the Nordic Museum, planned to open for the public in 2019 and focusing on the theme of People in the Arctic.

After the workshop, the researchers from the University of Tokyo took the opportunity to pay a visit to the Swedish icebreaker Oden, preparing at present in the port of Helsingborg for the 2018 Arctic Ocean Expedition.




Welcome to Stockholm 24-25 May!

IMG_1110.jpgSoon it is time for the first ASIAQ workshop. We are looking forward to having you all here at Stockholm University during two days in the end of May. We will be around 40 researchers from several disciplines meeting to discuss scenarios for the future Arctic. It will be an exciting exercise led by Swedish experts in group work that hopefully will challenge your views on what the future expects from us researchers. It will also give you an insight to how public museums in Sweden collaborate with academics.

It is nice to welcome you to Stockholm in the beautiful month of May! Our campus is green and inspires us to work for a sustainable future!

See you soon!

Nina Kirchner and Elisabet Idermark
Academic and administrative workshop managers